Early Adopter Program

Gemsense Wants to Give Developers the Tools to Build Your Dream IoT Product!

Hello Fellow Makers and Developers.

We would love to invite YOU to the RED AMBER Early Adopter program

We will provide kits for FREE for YOU the best and brightest. We simply ask that you create something new and amazing and document the process.


You will get:
* 1 Red Amber Module; 1 Bread board; 1 Battery extension
* SDK for all operating systems with Unity plugins
* Cool ,open source, demo apps
* Our love and support

Please provide us with your name; Email Address and (Optional) the product or app you wish to build and we will contact you shortly.

RED AMBER HSDK (Hardware & Software Development Kit) enables building any type of Smart Aware and Connected products.

What have you thought you can build with the Gem? Could you maybe create a smart toy, a smart chair or a smart jacket? Maybe a smart dress or a smart dog collar? Something helpful and useful for the medical community maybe? We are totally open to all possible ideas, we simply want to see you create. We ask you to take pictures, videos and document the process. If you have a podcast or youtube presence, that is even better.