What is the Gem?

A tiny prototype-to-production platform for wearable and IoT products.

A complete hardware and software development kit

A Gem is a tiny computer with sensors (The “Red Amber” Gem has integrated 9-Axis motion sensors)

When you get the Gem, you get access to real time data from the sensors with just a few lines of code, powerful software libraries and tools to help you create quickly, source code for demo apps, 3D blueprints and designs for accessories and more.

How to start developing for the Gem?

You can go to Quick Start, get the SDK and follow the tutorial for the platform of your choice

What languages/platforms are supported?

Currently we’re providing for the following:

Operating systems: Android(Java), Windows (C#), Windows (C++).
Plugins: Unity (Windows, Android, iOS-coming soon)

C++ library for creating wrappers (e.g. Unreal, Python, Matlab..)

What’s the battery life like?

Approximately one week in sleep mode and 6 hours in active mode

How do I charge my Gem (Battery Extension)?

Connect the USB power cable; A green LED should be lit while the Gem is charging, and turned off when charged.

Can I supply the Gem with external power source?

Yes, you can find what pins are the power inputs on your board in the Red Amber page under the hardware tab (if you are using the Battery Extension you must dismount the battery first). Possible voltage range is 3V-4.5V. The positive tab is marked “BT1” on the board.

How do I update my firmware?

We offer Over-The-Air firmware updates via our “Gem SDK Utility” Android app. Available from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gemsense.gemsdkutility

What apps are available?

We offer demo apps and samples to let you experience the power of the Gem and the source code to help you get started quickly
Some examples are: Games in VR with a sword or a wheel, Medical Smart Shoe tracking application.

What devices is the Gem compatible with?

Generally it’s any device that supports BLE (Bluetooth 4.x) and runs on one of the platforms we support.

The Gem can connect to a Windows, Linux or Android device with a Bluetooth Smart (4.x low energy)connection.
Visit your device manufacturer’s website to find out if your device is compatible.

Device Compatibility:


Windows 8.1 and above.


Any Linux kernel with BlueZ and BLE 4.0+ compatible device.


Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and up with Bluetooth radio that supports BLE (Bluetooth 4.x)

Is the Gem shipping internationally?

Yes. We ship worldwide and already have satisfied Gem developers in several countries around the globe

When will I get my Gem?

Red Amber Gems usually ship soon as you order, time for delivery is around 2-4 weeks using postal service, we will offer expedited shipments soon.